The News (Romshii Remix)
Falcon Jane
March 20, 2019
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Falcon Jane’s latest release is a remix for “The News” created by the one-and-only, Romshii, the new, electronic music project of Robb Schaede (The Auras, Our Father Star). This version of the song strips away major elements from the original (the dreamy Wurlitzer still plays a role 😉), but the heartfelt sentiment of loneliness remains. Robb Schaede recently moved back to Falcon Jane’s hometown, Orangeville, Ontario, and reconnected with the band.

Sara (Falcon Jane): “Romshii seems to be the product of Robb going through a big lifestyle change. I love the music he’s making, and we’ve been hanging out a lot more lately because our interests seem to be more aligned - he’s so much more wholesome now! It was only a matter of time before we collaborated, and I’m excited to work with him on more projects. He’s an awesome live musician too, so my brain-wheels are turning.”


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